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Stev Knowles (ftp!
24 Mar 88 02:02:57 GMT

**> In article <8802060858.AA08978@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> AFDDN.TCP-IP@GUNTER-ADAM.ARPA writes:
**>> We have a uVAX running Ultrix that I would "like" to have SLIP on.
**> I took a look at an Ultrix system at one time and kind of came to the
**> conclusion that trying to do it yourself to a binary Ultrix
**> distribution was no fun.
**Trying to do anything to a binary distribution is no fun. I hold the
**view that if you don't have source, you shouldn't even consider using
** der Mouse
** uucp: ** uucp: mouse@mcgill-vision.uucp
** arpa:

ftp to (, user = anonymous, password = your
name, and get the file BUGLIX.SLIP.TAR. this is a distribution of slip
for a binary only ULTRIX 2.0 site. there is a readme file there to
explain how it should be done. if you have not rebuilt your kernel
before, here is not the place to start. if you have, this will get you
running. if you have problems with it, you can e-mail me questions.
(i dont get paid to support *this* code).

stev knowles
ftp software

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