Re: ReChoosing gateways

Mike Brescia (brescia@PARK-STREET.BBN.COM)
Fri, 25 Mar 88 09:41:19 -0500

     host is using G1 to communicate with a host on the destination
     Are there any rules/guidelines/standards/... as to how the host can "find"

Please don't take this as an oversimplification. The general rule should be
'find G2 the same way you found G1'. In the current state of affairs, both G1
and G2 are listed in some gateway initialization file. If you are using G1
and are dissatisfied with the service, drop it from consideration and try all
other gateways you know about.

Perhaps unix wizards can talk about multiple default gateways.

On a network which has logical addressing (ethernet, arpanet) you could
arrange to have an address which will 'always' be a gateway. On the arpanet,
the gateway joins the group when it is up, and is removed by the PSN when it
is down. On an ethernet, you can use IP multicast, or be a bit kluge-y and
have G2 detect that G1 is down, and begin spoofing for G1 (answering G1 ARP
as well as its own). (WARNING: This is all "blue sky". I have NOT tried it.)


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