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In article <In article <123@heart-of-gold> In article <123@heart-of-gold> jc@heart-of-gold (John M Chambers x7780 1E342) writes:
-Does anyone have a PD version of ping? How about a C-coded routine that
-does the IP checksum calculation? We have one that is written in VAX
-assembly language, which is OK for a VAX, but it doesn't work too well
-on a 68020....

  -- One's complement of the one's complement sum checksum in TCP/IP --

In the RFC documents, the "one's complement of the one's complement sum"
checksums are mentioned in a single paragraph, and are never even
described, an omission that seems incredible.

Although the algorithm must be well known to many people, a written
description seems to be lacking. So here's an attempt to provide a
short description (with examples). The only authority I can cite for
the following is myself (but it seems to work, judging from actual
TCP/IP packets). Someone kindly let me know if this is horribly wrong.

Basically, IP, TCP, and UDP require doing one's complement sums of

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