Re: Wollongong TCP/IP for VMS and Cisco AGS routers interaction

Lars Poulsen (lars@ACC-SB-UNIX.ARPA)
Thu, 24 Mar 88 08:56:13 PST

[Re-sent, due to typo in TCP-IP address]

Jerry Scott of the Wollongong Group forwarded me a copy of an INFO-VAX
message from Yehavi Bourvine asking about running TCP/IP over commercial
X.25 nets using WIN/TCP and ACC's ACP6250.

The driver for the ACP6250 (which Wollongong provides for WIN/TCP and which
ACC provides for 4.xBSD and Ultrix-32) allows the use of a commercial
X.25 network as the subnet carrier vehicle.

Two flags control the differences between this application and the
"DDN Standard Mode" application:

- the "service" flag is set to "basic" to make the X.25 connection
  be host-to-host rather than host-to-PSN as in the DDN.
  This produces call requests packets with protocol type 'CC'hex
  (in the user call data field) and no "standard mode" facility request.
- the "PDN mode" flag is set to obtain X.25 addresses by table lookup
  rather than by algorithm from the IP address.

The "basic PDN" configuration should be interoperable with the
CSNET driver for the old INcard, but for mostly political reasons, this
has not to my knowledge been tested.

/ Lars Poulsen
  ACC Customer Service

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