Mike Anello (mja@TWG.COM)
23 Mar 88 12:04:00 PST

In reply to Gil Widdowson note about TLI HELP:

In both socket and tli calls sockaddr_in structure is used to specify an
internet address. Since sin_zero element of this structure does not contain
any usefull data, only the first three elements (the first 8 bytes) should
be passed to buffers used in tli calls. Two constants UDP_BINDADDRLEN in udp.h
and TCP_BINDADDRLEN in tcp.h may be used for this purpose.

When using t_bind(fd, req, ret) call, you will get back in ret.addr.buf the
address assigned by the transport provider. This address is 8 bytes long
and represents the first three elements of sockaddr_in structure.
In t_bind(fd, NULL, &ret) call, transport provider will assign INADDR_ANY
address, and the next available port number to the end point.

Mohsen Mortazavi
The Wollongong Group

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