Re: Rumors about the death of the ARPANET

Wed, 23 Mar 88 12:18:49 EST


Your suggestino that, once we get ISDN, we will have ubiquitous 64-kbps
digital service tripped me up. While making much the same comment at
a recent meeting, carrier representatives were quick to point out that
2B + D (two 64-kbps bearer plus 16 kbps data/control) might well be
ubiquitous in the feeder and distribution plants, but it may take much
longer for this to occur in the interexchange plant. What may happen for
many years is that 64-kbps data may not be ubiquitous outside your local
area. In fact, I was told the 16-kbps data/control channel would not
be end-to-end for a long time.

Why don't we chuck the whole thing and move to B-ISDN and SONET? The
general consensus of the carrier's R&D guys is that this would really be
the best course. Are you ready for 51.84 Mbps? You gete 125 microseconds to
make up your mind.


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