Re: Conversion to ISO - Number of NCP Hosts

Wed 23 Mar 88 10:41:21-EST

Scott, You missed the chance to say "NCP is still alive in a well..."

Yes, NCP is still running in some classified environments where once you
get something to run that you (somehow) trust, you leave it alone.

As for the larger issue raised by Mark, moving from NCP tp TCP/IP
was a large task, but it was ameliorated by the relatively small number
of hosts affected. In those days there were probably only a thousand
hosts and ten system types to deal with. It took a good amount of
coordination to get those hosts to all bring their software "forward"
to permit testing before we threw the switch on jan 1, 1983.
When we go to make the change to OSI there will be a few million hosts
on hundreds of system types out there and there will be no "authority"
to tell everyone to switch. So, Mark, you are quite right to be "worried"
that a conversion might take longer, be harder, etc.


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