Re: Conversion to ISO - Number of NCP Hosts

23 Mar 1988 07:39-EST

I can't give firm numbers but there were on the order of 20-25 different
operating system implementations of NCP and somewhat fewer for TCP at the
time the conversion was done - some hosts never made the change and were
simply retired (good excuse...).

The NCP/TCP and TCP/ISO analogies are not exact. For one thing, NCPwas
never a commercial product. TCP is. For another, only ARPANET hosts did NCP because
that was NOT an internet protocol, so a single administration could insist on
the conversion and was even able to turn off NCP capability within the
subnet as a forcing function. This is not possible for TCP/ISO except perhaps
at the gateways (and maybe for the subnets if packet types for ISO IP and DoD IP
are distinct, as I suppose they are likely to be).

There must be literally tens of thousands of TCP/IP hosts by now compared to
at most a couple of hundred NCP hosts in Jan 83.

Somehow I think the analogy is not very apt.


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