Re: Ping, checksum algorithm?

Phil Dykstra (phil@BRL.ARPA)
Mon, 21 Mar 88 18:04:22 EST

Ping.c as found in Berkeley Unix was originally written by
Mike Muuss at the U.S.Army Ballistic Research Laboratory
<>. It is public domain distribution unlimited.
Berkeley made some modifications to it but maintained its
public domain status.

Recently we at BRL modified it to do RECORD_ROUTE, provide
more detailed ICMP messages (read subcodes), dump the fields
of returned IP headers in ICMP messages, etc. Our version
does not yet do LSRR or SSRR (though since I heard that the
core gateways honor it, it will almost certainly be added).
[Note: record route can not be done on a SunOS <= 3.4 since
the IP_OPTIONS socket option does not exist - the rest of
the code works fine on the Sun however.]

Anticipating a possible high demand, I have made the source
code publicly FTP'able from VGR.BRL.MIL [ or] in pub/ping.tar. Man page included.

- Phil

ps: warning - our main gateway was having hardware problems today.

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