Re: Rumors about the death of the ARPANET

Frank Kastenholz (KASTEN@MITVMA.MIT.EDU)
Sat, 19 Mar 88 08:53:35 EST

When the ARPANET was built, 56Kb lines were used - the leading edge
of technology of the day. The "New and Improved" network is proposed
to use 1.5Mbit lines (I assume T1). In keeping with the leading edge
philosophy of yore, the just erupting 45Mbit/sec technology (T3?) comes
to mind.

Any thoughts given to T3? After all, current experience with the ARPANET
tends to indicate that applications expand to fill the available bandwidth.

This is not a flame! merely a true question.

Frank Kastenholz
Atex Inc.

All opinions are mine and mine alone. My employer has no idea I am even
saying this.

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