Another example of the joys of BITNET mail

Eric M. Berg (A.Eric@GSB-WHY.Stanford.EDU)
Fri 11 Mar 88 21:08:13-PST

[Extracted from a recent digest posted to the TeXhax mailing list...]

Date: 21 Feb 88
From: Malcolm
Subject: Immoderate notes: brief pause in texhax; issue 17 sliced up

%%% Issue 17 was sliced in half by some unkind IBM systems using SMTP. Glenn
%%% Vanderburg informs me that the reason was a line that was longer than
%%% 80 columns got wrapped, which resulted in the next line beginning with
%%% a period. SMTP though that this meant it was about to get a command. So
%%% it went through the remainder of the digest, looking for a command, which
%%% of course it didn't find -- only more TeXhax.


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