Re: maximum Ethernet throughput

Charles Hedrick (!!
9 Mar 88 04:02:31 GMT

I've heard a second-hand report that Van Jacobson recently claimed an
8.2Mbit/sec TCP transfer between two Sun 3/50's using a very
aggressively tuned 4.3 BSD TCP. If I got that right, it's quite
impressive, considering that a 3/50 is by current standards not that
fast a machine. This suggests

 - that 10 > 4 (i.e. that you can get an Ethernet transfer that
        is faster than the maximum transfer on a 4Mbit token ring)

 - that you don't necessarily have to abandon robust, long-haul
        protocols such as TCP in order to get good performance

I wonder if we could nominate Van for a Nobel prize? It seems to me
that he deserves something for all the work he has been doing for

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