remote broadcasts

Jon Peha (
Tue, 8 Mar 88 17:02:01 PST

Can any one tell me any thing about "remote broadcasts"
in TCP/IP. By that I mean having a packet broadcast on
a network other than the one to which you are directly
attached. I am quite aware of the dangers of such packets.
One caused a broadcast storm on our ethernet effectively
bring down the net. As far as I know there is no defence
against one of these packets coming in from the Internet.
On the other hand, if the packet were a UDP packet that
did not engender a response (i.e. network monitoring info,
routing tables, etc.), it could be a valuble tool, which may
even prove useful in some of my present work. Is there any
attempt in the Internet to regulate or block such packets.
If so, where and how? If not, has any one considered it? I would
think that if there is any control over remote broadcasts,
it must take place in the gateway attached to the destination
network, but perhaps the overhead would be too great.

Jon Peha

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