IP/DDN X.25 implementation survey

Drew M. Powles (dpowles@ccd.bbn.com)
Tue, 8 Mar 88 15:21:54 EST

I am doing a survey on available TCP/IP implementations over DDN
Standard X.25 and would appreciate any and all information on the
following aspects (the vendor guide form the NIC doesn't go into
sufficient detail):

1) which implementations negotiate precedence for a DDN Standard X.25
call as defined on page 1-481 (volume 1) of the DDN Protocol Handbook
and the mapping of precedence from IP to DDN Standard X.25 as defined
on 1-494 of the same. Additionally, what mechanisms are provided
allow a user or application process (i.e. FTP, Telnet, etc) to specify
the precedence of a session so that the precednce level is passed down
to the IP layer?

2) which implementations can utilitize DDN X.25 Logical addressing as
specified in pages 1-495 thru 1-498 of the DDN Protocol Handbook -
which includes mapping from IP addresses (either fully implemented or
partially implemented)?

many thanks for your help!

Drew Powles
BBN Communications

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