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in article <8803020723.AA11973@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>, CF4A8X@IRISHMVS.BITNET ("Mark D. Eggers 239-7258", 219) says:
> We are installing a campus network based on proNET 80,
> tcp/ip, and DECnet. One of the first colleges to connect
> will be the College of Engineering. They have several
> Convergent Technologies 'miniframe' boxes that run System V
> Unix and have tcp/ip. According to the grad student in
> charge of their networks, they have the latest tcp/ip
> software from Convergent Technologies.
> Unfortunately, there are problems.

        Unfortunately, the Miniframe is an obsolete product. It has an
ethernet interface different from the MightyFrame line, so the actual
latest software does not run on it. The software you have is probably
several years old, and is based on 4.2BSD rather than 4.3, as our Streams
(latest) product is.

        Actually, you shold not be having problems with (non-subnet) route
or ARP. Perhaps you meant routed; true, that isnt supported but should port
easily. There does seem to be a bug with some kinds of internet addresses,
and subnets were not supported in 4.2. I dont know about the Ultrix hang;
you might want to try ifconfig'ing -trailers on the Mini...

        If you are interested, I can check into getting you a source
release of just the network part of the Mini kernel, so you can upgrade it.
I'm an engineer though, so no promises.

Andrew Knutsen
Convergent Technologies
(408) 435-3623

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