NTP update

Mon, 7 Mar 88 15:24:40 EST


As a result of several comments received from the true clockwatchers among
us, I have updated the new Network Time Protocol draft document announced
recently. The latest revision includes several editorial changes, several
amendments and clarifications to the protocol specification and an extensive
discussion and comparison of NTP and other proposed time-synchronization
protocols and models, including Unix 4.3bsd timed and other schemes based
on convergence and consistency (agreement) algorithms.

For those brave enough to endure a 127K-octet transfer or foolish enough to
care about such an esoteric (but fun) subject, the document is anonymously
ftpable from louie.udel.edu as the file pub/ntp.doc. I would like to make
this the final resist before the RFC etch.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. As one of the intended
applications of this technology is at gigabit speeds, your comments on the
generic self-organizing, hierarchical master-slave, returnable time (to
put it gloriously, but accurately) architecture would be most interesting.


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