Re: TCP/IP Terminal Servers

Patrick Barron (
7 Mar 88 10:14:23 GMT

In article <> hagan@SCOTTY.DCCS.UPENN.EDU (John Dotts Hagan) writes:
>I would also go on record as saying the Bridge products we evaulated about
>12 months ago were not good at all. However, a new major release of software
>is out and I have no experience with it.

Note that Bridge's new software release, TCP 20000, needs at least 512K
of memory to run on the CS/100. I have a few 256K CS/100's, and found
out about this some time after Bridge promised that TCP 20000 would solve
the problems I was having with the older versions, and would include a
domain name resolver to boot.

My sales rep tells me there'll be a TCP 19000 out "soon" that works as
well as TCP 20000, but will run on a 256K CS/100. Of course, they had
to cut out a few features to make it fit. Like the domain name resolver,
for instance....

Sigh...Since it would cost Far Too Much to upgrade them to 512K, we're
probably just going to scrap them at this point and buy Annexes.


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