Re: TCP rate control?

Sun 6 Mar 88 12:55:45-PST

> To see this, consider the case of 10 simultaneous FTP/TCP transfers
> taking place through a common bottleneck link. The gateway feeding this
> link has only 5 packet buffers. Even if the ten TCPs have their
> congestion windows permanently set to 1 packet, there will be room for
> only half of their packets in the buffer queue at any one time...


  This seems an important point. What would people think of a system
where only 50% of the senders will transmit in a time window would be
appropriate? Who transmits could be determined by having each of the
senders transmit with 50% probability.

  The senders would need to determine the correct probability of send
in any given interval. This might just be the result of the congestion
window calculation when it is less than one segment.


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