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From: (Tom Easterday)
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Subject: 3270 terminal servers
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 Bridge Corporation makes a TCP/IP terminal server called the CS1-SNA which
 does 3270 emulation on various terminal types. We (Ohio State) have one
 installed, connected to our CICS system. It works well but has some
 disconnection problems. Also, many of its advertised features do not yet
 work although Bridge says the next software release will implement these
 and correct the disconnect problems. A word of warning (which is solely
 my opinion) Bridge has promised alot but has yet to deliver, also it is
 tough to get much technical help from them (at least in our area). The
 box is still worth a try and who knows, that software could show up on the
 door step anyday :-) Let me know if you hear of any others as we would
 likely be interested in trying them. Thanks.

                                               Tom Easterday
                                               The Ohio State University
                                               Instruction & Research Comp Cntr

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