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4 Mar 88 16:40:38 GMT

We here have Encore Annexes, most of which are connected to our Encore
Multimax, but we are using one for general Ethernet access. They seem
to work fairly well, and you can upload/download port configurations
from any UNIX host, since Encore supplies the source for the Annex
administrator program. An Annex has 16 serial ports and one parallel
printer port. We are using Printronix P300 (I think) on a parallel port.

You can remote access serial ports on an Annex from a network host via telnet,
if they have been set up so, and from the UCB line printer system. If you
want to run a simple serial printer this way, it will work - I don't know
about "smarter" printers such as Apple LaserWriters.

The Annex boxes are nice, but for general usage I would probably look at
the Cisco boxes, for they have (on paper at least) more useful features
(such as Serial Line IP).

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