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Dave Taylor (
Fri, 4 Mar 88 10:34:31 PST

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The following is a forwarded message from a chap with the USN in Port Hueneme,
California, and another chap at UNICON in Santa Ana, California about TCP/UDP
sources and the related protocol suite.

As I believe this group to be the appropriate forum for answering this
question, I am herein forwarding the message sent to me. I should also
point out that neither I, Everett, or Dan currently receive this mailing
list, so replies should be sent direct (to them, not me, please).

Thank you very much.
                                                -- Dave Taylor

From: hplabs!motsj1!nswed5!efb (Everett F. Batey II),
      hplabs!motsj1!nswed5!unicon!dlt (Dan Taylor)
Subject: A question about TCP / UDP sources
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 88 14:39:23 PST

[...] We have a Unix 5.2 / 5.3, Motorola 68020 (VME 10 / 1100 ),
and hold AT&T / Motorola, V68 5.3.3 Source license with RFS.

Dan Taylor, of UNICON, Santa Ana, a VME sw/hw system development shop
has examined the 5.3 sources and the CMC, Santa Barbara, sources which
Motorola resells for VME / V68 system:

> You are aware of the tools that are not supplied by CMC, both TCP/IP and
> the total lack of UDP/IP support.
> I am hoping to find is a complete TCP, UDP, and IP protocol suite, generic,
> that is coded for a UNIX host ( if you find one, it will probably be bsd),
> and sources for the associated utilities. Given that so much development
> of those protocols was funded by the government, I was hoping to avoid
> large fees.

We are trying hard not to reinvent the public domain wheel.

Can anyone suggest a source for the TCP and UDP utility socket source code?

Everett F. Batey II - USNSWSES EDMICS V Project
sun!tsunami!nswed5!efb - Port Hueneme,CA 805/982-5881

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