TCP-IP for AT&T 3B2'S

Barry Shein (
Fri, 4 Mar 88 11:09:53 EST

>In article <>In article <46200003@ntvax> >In article <46200003@ntvax> jacob6@ntvax.UUCP writes:
>>Iam wondering if any of you folks know about any PD source
>>of TCP-IP for AT&T 3B2 machines. Your response in this matter
>>UUCP: convex!ntvax!jacob6
>Surely, you jest. Seriously, there is non or I would have it. it
>costs $$ from ATT

As a callow youth I wrote a udp/ip and tftp for the 3B which can be
picked up from BU-IT.BU.EDU's anon area, src/network/udp.3b/*. I have
no idea of it works under current releases although other than the
ethernet device assumptions (/dev/ni if I remember right) I can't
imagine it's too far off. Feel free, I certainly have no interest in
supporting it etc as we don't use 3B's anymore, mostly due to its
lack of TCP/IP...

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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