Ethernet speeds revised

Jeffrey Mogul (
3 Mar 1988 1459-PST (Thursday)

Two days ago I sent a message describing some experiments Dave Boggs
had been doing to see what kind of host-to-host throughput the
Ethernet could carry. Science marches on; since I sent that message,
he has revised his results twice (once by clever programming; once
by turning on the compiler optimizer). Again, this is for data sent
from one host to another over a 10 Mbit/sec Ethernet, not using any
protocols aside from the data link header, nor much of an operating

The new numbers are:

        1536-byte packets 9.2 Mbits/sec
        (maximum "legal" Ethernet packet)

        4000-byte packets 9.6 Mbits/sec
        (don't try this at home)

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