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Bill.Stewart (ihnp4!ho95e!wcs@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
3 Mar 88 03:53:11 GMT

In article <> (Tait Cyrus) writes:
:The reason I am interested in something other than rsh is because
:here at UNM we are strongly considering disallowing the r* programs
:(rsh/rcp/rlogin) because they do NOT conform to the RFC's
:[(machine name case independent).]
:as well as being BIG security problems (.rhosts).

My big gripe with the r* programs is that they lose UNIX semantics.
For instance, rsh doesn't return the condition code from the remote process -
        rsh foovax false
returns true if the connection succeeded. Less important but harder to fix,
rsh is non-interactive; I've gotten real used to Datakit's remote execution
capabilities ("dk other3b /bin/ksh"). It would also be nice to have a
convenient rcp-variant that didn't update modification times.

I'm less bothered by machine-name-case dependence - r* are specifically
UNIX utilities, and case dependence is appropriate. (By contrast, HP's
NS-9000, NS-VAX, NS-etc. utilities are supposed to be transparent between
systems; it took us several days of cable-testing to find that the 350
didn't accept it's name in uppercase, as generated on a VMS microvax.)

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