re: tcp/ip terminal servers

AB Stine (
Wed, 2 Mar 88 17:53 EDT

Here at Clarkson, we've been evaluating a number of TCP/IP terminal servers.
We've had the Bridge CS/100 in for a while, and its worked out rather well.
Haven't had any problems with it at all... it talks to all of our hosts
(BSD4.2,4.3, VMS (under CMU TCP), Gould UTX, Sun/OS, Alliant, PC's).

We are now evaluating a Cisco box. My first impressions of it are good... seems
to work very well... i'm not sure if it can really handle all 32 ports at
high speed though (its only got a 68000... i understand that they now have
a 68020 also). it also does Rlogin, which the bridge does not (yet).

In addition, we tried a Micom Server. We didn't do much with it though...
it was kinda slow, not very configurable. cheap though...

art stine
network engineer
clarkson u

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