Flames to Brian Lloyd

Alex McKenzie (mckenzie@LABS-N.BBN.COM)
Wed, 2 Mar 88 9:04:05 EST

I'm a little unhappy with the flames being sent to Brian Lloyd. I understood
the basic form of his question to be:

  "If I invent my own option, is it likely to break other implementations? If
   anyone tells me that even one implementation is sure to break I won't invent
   my own option."

This seems to me like the kind of reasonable and responsible behavior the folks
on the tcp-ip list ought to be trying to encourage. It seems to me that we are
not likely to encourage it if our response is to make nasty comments about Mr.
Lloyd's motives.

Mr Lloyd attempted to explain why he was thinking of inventing his own option.
Lots of people told him why they thought it was silly, would be hard to
implement properly, that there were alternatives, and so on. All those
comments seem quite proper, and this message is not trying to suggest
otherwise. If he wants to hang his ideas out in public he should expect them
to draw critical comments. I think he acknowledged this in his last message.
But I don't think its reasonable, or even in the group's own self interest, for
us to flame him for asking the question.

Alex McKenzie

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