Convergent Technologies

Tue, 01 Mar 88 17:16 EST

We are installing a campus network based on proNET 80,
tcp/ip, and DECnet. One of the first colleges to connect
will be the College of Engineering. They have several
Convergent Technologies 'miniframe' boxes that run System V
Unix and have tcp/ip. According to the grad student in
charge of their networks, they have the latest tcp/ip
software from Convergent Technologies.

Unfortunately, there are problems.

1. The 'miniframes' do not seem to understand any other
   class B addresses than xxx.yyy.0.zzz. Class C addresses
   seem to work fine. Class A addresses must be xxx.0.0.yyy.
   Would someone comment on the feasibility of using
   xxx.yyy.0.zzz as a subnet ?

2. No subnet support. Engineering currently has two subnets,
   and the 'miniframes' cannot communicate from net A to net

3. No route support (goes with the above).

4. No ARP.

Another annoying habit is that ftp between the 'miniframes'
and an Ultrix 1.2 microVAX hangs on files larger than 1019
bytes (and yes, I have turned off trailers on the microVAX).

Any possible solutions to the above problems (including
using the boxes for boat anchors) would be greatly


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