Answer to FTP vs. long passwords

Steve Jay (ultra!
Tue, 1 Mar 88 11:00:59 PST

Thanks to those who responded to my query about long passwords
& FTP. It turns out this is a known restriction in pre 4.3 clients,
which apparently use the standard C library routine "getpass" to prompt
for the password. "getpass" is restricted to 8 characters. FTP was
fixed in 4.3, although obviously there are a lot of systems with the
problem still out there (latest Ultrix & UTS still have problem.)

Bob Bradford of Software Kinetics in Ontario (
pointed out that the "quote" command in FTP can be used to get around
the problem in pre 4.3 systems. Open the connection, then enter
"quote user username" and "quote pass password" to the ftp prompt. The
only disadvantage is the password is echo'd to the terminal.

Thanks again to those who responded.


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