FTP vs. VMS & long passwords

Steve Jay (ultra!shj@ames.arc.nasa.gov)
Mon, 29 Feb 88 13:02:47 PST

FTP client on an Amdahl (UTS580-1.1.3, 4.3 Net) system or Ultrix (V2.0-1) gets

   "530 Login failed (bad Username or Password), give new USER and PASS "

when attempting to use FTP server on a VAX VMS system, and the password
for the VAX account is over 8 characters long.

This has been observed with VAX's running Wollongong (versions 3.1 & 4.0)
and Excelan (EXOS Version 4.5) servers. Client FTP on a BSD 4.3
system to the VMS servers works fine. The UTS and Ultrix clients also
work when the VMS password is 8 or fewer characters.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Does anyone know who's fault it is?
Who should I complain to?

I am not on the tcp-ip list, so please send responses directly to me
at the email addresses shown below.

Thanks for your help.

Steve Jay domain: shj@ultra.com
Ultra Network Technologies Internet: ultra!shj@ames.arc.nasa.gov
2140 Bering drive uucp: ...ames!ultra!shj
San Jose, CA 95131

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