Bogus TCP packets

Rick Peralta (encore!
29 Feb 88 00:06:52 GMT

When TCP gets a packet that is flawed for some reason, what be done with it?
According to the TCP spec. bogus data should be ignored. Also, in the same
documents it is said that some allowances should have to be made.

Officially you should just throw the packet away, but that causes problems.
I have been experimenting with just accepting what looks ok and ignoring
the rest. This seems ok, especially if you try and do output whenever
the other side says something strange.

Any pointers to authoratative documents, unauthoratative documents, comments,
suggestions, hints, pointers and opinions greatly appreciated.

If this turns out to be a burning issue or the reignition of a Holy War;
I offer to collect all information and summarise it to the net.


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