Re: Exchanging serial numbers

Brian Lloyd (wb6rqn!brian@Sun.COM)
27 Feb 88 11:28:26 EST (Sat)

I am sorry that some of you think that the concept of exchanging serial
numbers is a poor one. I agree that it provides only limited protection
but it is a concern of the principles of the corporation.

In the environment where it will run most frequently, i.e. in a LAN
consisting of Convergent 'S' series UNIX boxes and Convergent NGen
workstations, the scheme will be relatively effective. NGens run a
distributed operating system called CTOS so the serial number exchange
will be effective.

I appreciate the feedback and I understand that some of you would not
choose such a mechanism. On the other hand it will work and it will not
impact operations with other, dissimilar systems. I reiterate my
original request: will exchange of serial numbers in the TCP options
field cause problems with the other TCP implementations?

Thanks again.

Brian Lloyd, President
Sirius Systems, Inc.
(301) 540-2066
{bellcore, syscad, cp1, irs3, n3dmc}!wb6rqn!brian
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