Re: Need help with UNIX tcp

Danny Backx (mcvax!prlb2!kulcs!
24 Feb 88 15:51:43 GMT

> sometimes do it on UNIX. The problem simply stated is
> this: the user process cannot get the status of its
> tcp connections from UNIX.
> Have any UNIX guru-types ever considered offering a
> 'status(myconnect)' call? We'll gladly pay for one.
> Or even just a 'signal(YOURCONNECTISBOGUS,letmeknow)'
> would be nice?
> Merle Neer
> > neerma@nosc

Could you post a more complete list of what you think a user interface to TCP
should include ?

As for your request on 'YOURCONNECTISBOGUS', I think you can arrange something
like that on BSD. (I don't know whether you're talking about BSD or Sys-V).
If you are interested, look in the manual entries for socket(2),
setsocketopt(2) - look for the SO_KEEPALIVE option.
I'm not sure if you can detect dead connections with select(2), or maybe

If you find a way, please post it. I'm sure lots of people are interested.


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