Re: Time synchronization in a Distributed Environment

Mohamed_el_Lozy (hscfvax!
25 Feb 88 14:29:36 GMT

In article <2710@druhi.ATT.COM> aws@druhi.ATT.COM (SteereA) writes:
> I am looking for articles, references, implementations,
>etc. for solving the problem of keeping N machines within
>a specified time of one another. I appreciate any and all pointers.

I am directing followup to comp.protocols.tcp-ip, where it would be
more appropriate. I assume that the machines are networked.

A good start would be in three RFCs written by Dave Mills:
        956 Algorithms for synchronizing network clocks
        957 Experiments in network clock synchronization
        958 Network time protocol (NTP)
They all came out in 1985, and have reasonable references for that time.

A UNIX (BSD only, as I recall) implementation of NTP has been written
at, which also maintains a mailing list. To get on it
send mail to send mail to

There is also often quite a bit of network time discussion in
comp.protocols.tcp-ip, especially when interesting things like leap
seconds turn up.

BSD4.3 implementations have a timed program, discussed at some length
in the documentation (not available to me right now).

I would very much appreciate some post 1985 references.

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