Final Call for Papers: IFIP 6.5 Working Conference

Ole J. Jacobsen (OLE@CSLI.Stanford.EDU)
Thu 25 Feb 88 23:25:07-PST

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= The SUBMISSION DATES have been EXTENDED to MARCH 31, 1988. =

The list of netmail contact addresses has been expanded with
addresses on several networks that forward mail to the
conference organizers.

We ask that this Call for Papers be freely passed along to
anyone who might be interested in submitting a paper, especially
to geographic areas that seem to be out of reach via netmail,
such as South America, Africa, and Asia.

The long list of Program Committee Members actually represents
the initial list of reviewers, and we are seeking additional
reviewers to deal with the expected 60-75 submitted papers.
Please contact us if you want to be added to out list of
reviewers, or if you want to serve on the main program
committee. You can contact any of the listed organizers or
program CoChairs by any available means at your disposal.

Papers that are accepted will be published by North-Holland in
a Hard Cover Proceedings of the Conference.



                -- 10 to 12 October, 1988

                -- Red Lion Inn, Costa Mesa, California, USA
                   Near the University of California at Irvine

SPONSORED BY: IFIP TC 6 & the University of California at Irvine

PROGRAM: The purpose of the conference is to provide an
international forum for the exchange of information on the
technical, economic, social, and political impacts and
experiences with computer messaging and distributed application
infrastructures in the automated workplace environment. The
conference format will be two days of conference paper
presentations combined with one day of workshops. Papers are
desired in the following topic areas:

International Standards and Profiles -- 1988
        Current Status of CCITT/ISO and Future Plans
        Implementors' Agreements and Harmonization
        Implementation Issues and Experience
        Testing and Conformance Activities

Interconnection and Interworking
        Interconnection Issues and Experiences
        Multi-Vender Private Domains
        Gateways to/from Non-X.400 Domains and Architectures
        TELEX and TELETEX Interworking
        Postal System Interworking
        Facsimile Interworking
        Voice Mail Interworking
        Multilateral and Bilateral Agreements

User Agent Models and Designs
        User Agent Functions and Services
        Distributed User Agents (Such as X.400 Message Store)
        User Interface Designs and Experience
        User Agents and User Interfaces for Impaired Users
        Object Collection Management -- Personal & Institutional
        (Store, Organize, Search, Retrieve, Share, Purge, Archive)

Group Communication Models and Services
        Organizational Communication Flows
        Distribution Lists for MHS
        Distributed Conferencing Services
        Real-Time, Multi-Media, Mixed-Mode Conferencing
          (Video, Voice, Graphics, Text -- MHS, FTAM, VTP)
        Models for Group Communication

Information Object Standards for Interchange
        Abstract Syntax and Structure Encoding
          Open Document Architecture
          Open Document Interchange Format
          Electronic Document Interchange
          Electronic Funds Transfer
        Multi-Media Objects (Graphics, FAX, Voice, Text)

Distribution of Services and Applications
        Workstations and Servers in Networks
        Services Based on Cooperating Distributed Processes
          (MHS, FTAM, Directory, DBMS, Conferencing)

Security, Authentication, Privacy, Confidentiality
        Authentication Framework Standards
        Exchange of Encrypted Information Objects
        TransBorder Data Flow
        Legal Issues

Management and Operation of Distributed Services
        Registration of Entities and Domains
        Administration of Directory Information Bases
        Distribution of Authority and Responsibility
        Fault Isolation and Reporting
        Queuing, Routing, and Congestion
        Quality of Service Management

Directory Services
        Naming and Addressing
        Public Directory Services
        Interworking Between Public and Private Services
        Interworking of Directory with other Applications

Policy Issues
        International Issues
        National Issues
        Public Regulatory Issues
        Public Access Issues

Impacts of MHS and Distributed Services
        Social and Behavioral Impacts
        Organizational Impacts
        National and Governmental Impacts

INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS: Prospective Authors are invited to
submit for review, unpublished original contributions (not
exceeding 5000 words) which describe recent developments on any
design or service aspect of computer message systems and
distributed application systems.

PUBLICATION: Proceedings of the Conference will be Published by
North-Holland, as has been done for prior IFIP 6.5 conferences.


Today: Send a message or letter or phone any of the contacts
        below, stating your intention to submit a paper,
        or stating your general interest in the conference.

March 29, 1988: Draft Versions of Papers Due for Review.
  May 30, 1988: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection.
 June 30, 1988: Camera-Ready papers required for publication.

 SUBMIT PAPERS TO: Dr. Peter Schicker
                   Zellweger Telecommunications AG
                   CH-8634 Hombrectikon, Switzerland

                   Telephone: +41 55 416 377
                   Telex: 875 558
                   Facsimile: +41 55 416 385
         BITNET: "Peter Schicker" <BITNET: "Peter Schicker" <schicker@CERNVAX>

       OR TO: Ole-Jorgen Jacobsen
                   Advanced Computing Environments
                   480 San Antonio Road Suite 100
                   Mountain View, California, USA 94040

                   Telephone: +1 415 941 3399
                               +1 415 325 9542
                   Internet: Ole@CSLI.Stanford.EDU

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Peter Schicker (CH - European CoChair)
                     Ole Jacobsen (USA - North American CoChair)

David Biran (IL) Tim Bishop (CDN) Bert Boutmy (NL)
Ebe Butrini (I) Ian Cunningham (CDN) Andre' Danthine (B)
Harry Forsdick (USA) Jose' Granado (P) H.G. Hegering (D)
Christian Huitema (F) W.J. Jaburek (A) Dipak Khakhar (S)
Thomas Kalin (YU) Farouk Kamoun (TN) Steve Kille (GB)
Albert Ku"ndig (CH) Susan Lebeck (USA) Erik Lillevold (N)
Dan Lynch (USA) James McHugh (USA) Manuel Medina (E)
Richard Miller (USA) Najah Naffah (F) Yukio Nakagome (J)
S. Ramani (IND) Steve Rothwell (USA) Horst Santo (D)
Erik Skovgaard (CDN) Hugh Smith (GB) Otto Spaniol (D)
Rolf Speth (B) Doug Steedman (CDN) Einar Stefferud (USA)
John Stidd (USA) Tibor Szentivany (H) Fred Szatnjnkrycer (F)
David Taylor (USA) Liane Turoco (BR) Ronald Uhlig (USA)
James White (USA) Paolo Zupa (I)

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Einar Stefferud (General Chair)
                       James McHugh (Local Arrangements Chair)
                       Jeff Cole (UCI Conference Coordinator)


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     "Ole Jacobsen INTERNET" <>
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     "Einar Stefferud BITNET" <"Einar Stefferud BITNET" <EStef@uci>
     "Jeff Cole BITNET" <"Jeff Cole BITNET" <JTCOLE@uci>
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     "Conference Office BITNET" <"Conference Office BITNET" <IFIP65@uci>
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