Re: VT200 and CMU/TEK TCP/IP Telnet

Eliot Moss, GRC A351B, x5-4206 25-Feb-1988 0821 (MOSS@CS-UMASS.ARPA)
Thu, 25 Feb 88 08:24 EDT

If Telnet'ing from/to a CMU/TEK TCP/IP host, use the /BINARY option to go
into binary mode so as to allow the 8-bit controls to flow. Of course, as
pointed out in a number of recent messages, if there is a non-CMU/TEK host
involved that does not do the right thing with binary mode, this will not
work right. We do know it to work right between two CMU/TEK hosts running
version 6.2 of that software.
                                        Eliot Moss
                                        Assistant Professor
                                        Dept. of Comp. and Info. Sci.
                                        Univ. of Mass., Amherst

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