Re: PSN Physical connections.

C. Philip Wood (cpw%sneezy@LANL.GOV)
Wed, 24 Feb 88 14:22:12 MST

This reminds me of the time, about 2 months ago, when we attemted to use
Sun Microsystems, Inc. MCP board, their SUNLINK X.25 software, and a
PDN to see what kind of connectivity we could get. Like communicating
with other nodes off the PDN. We had a serial line junky in here, with
mucho patents to his name, a million dollor serial line analyzer with
lots of beautiful color monitor displays, and various loopback plugs.
It took a couple of days, and visits from various Mountain Bell types
before we could "pad" on over to a Microvax, via Phoenix at 56 Kbits.
We never did get the Internet Router to work, but thats another story
which is "fixed in 4.0"

Phil Wood

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