Re: LAN Hardware/Software advice needed

Fri, 1 Apr 88 01:19


Mid last year there was much critical comment of the Wollongong
TCP/IP etc implementation for VAX VMS. Since then there has been
significant people change (David Crocker and Marshall Rose in) and
release of V3.1 (I think there is a newre release but not aware that
it has made it to the UK yet).

I have been much impressed with the product, it is very comprehensive
and we are slowly learning how to use its extensive facilities. In the
last two weeks we have moved into using the EGP Gateway features and
are now supporting two other European sites, over X25, into the

Future work is to explore the name server functions. I think I may have
heard that Van J's TCP flow control is in the new release.

John Laws
Distributed Information Systems Division
RSRE Malvern

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