NCSA Telnet

Tony Michel (
Thu, 31 Mar 88 12:06:05 EST

Well, Thanks! I got a lot of helpful offers about how to get RFCs! More to
the point, enough people were surprised by the notion of Telnetting from
a Mac, that it's worth a few sentences.

My Mac SE is linked with many other Macs on my floor, and to some LaserPrinters
and to a gateway, by AppleTalk. The gateway is built by Kinetics. It is co
connected in turn to the BBN Ethernet segment in my building, which somehow
is gateway'ed into the INternet. On my Mac i run a program created by
the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), which implements
a terminal emulator, user Telnet, TCP and IP, and knows how to package the
IP datagrams up in AppleTalk to send them across to the Kinetics gateway.
My Mac is a real host on the Internet!

This system works very well, and is shockingly cheap.

Having said something nice, now let me grumble. The correct solution to
my previous query would be to have the NCSA software support User FTP, and
I'm not sure why it does not. Perhaps they have plans? Anyway, for
something FREE, it's great.

While waiting for User FTP, I have to log into your system, however.
The problem is not confined to RFCs. This approach means that I cannot
access any of the anonymous ftp services anywhere. Naturally it is possible
to use a third party that has User FTP, but I really believe in this desk-top
computing stuff! I don't want to log into my klunkey old UNIX system, if
I can avoid it.

Hmm, while I'm would be nice if the terminal emulator did
a better job of emulating the VT100. How about installing tn3270 as well?
If only it could do tnUNISCOPE as well, I'd be in Seventh Heaven!

Anyway, Thanks, NCSA! It's a great program just as it stands (V 1.12)


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