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Sharan Kalwani (ulysses!gamma!mibte!mcf!shan@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
28 Mar 88 21:08:37 GMT

Dear Fellow Netters,

Well... it looks like we'll be getting a VMS system here (most likely
a microVAX-II). I already run a VAX-11/750 with 4.3bsd +NFS on it,
plus a number of IBM PC's(60) and growing number of Mac SEs. My questions
are :

(i) I would like to run Ethernet between the microVAX and the
        11/750. Which ethernet controller should i buy for the uVAX?
        I already have a DEUNA on the 750 but might trade it in for
        a DELUA.

(ii) How can I set things up so that folks on the uVAX logon to the
        UNIX machine and vice-versa? I think I would like to get TCP/IP
        and all the rlogin/telnet/ftp,etc. stuff for the uVAX. Which is the
        best (or recommended) options to buy?
        Will the uVAX-II be able to support all this? Will VMS block
        ethernet logins?

(iii) How can the IBM PC's and Mac SEs also do the rlogin/telnet/ftp,etc.,
        action with either of the UNIX VAX or VMS uVAX? How should
        be go about doing this? Money is no object but of course
        a few hundred feet above the ground is our limit (read $50,000
        to $150,00 is my anticipated budget :-). Feel free to share your
        expreriences and flights of fancy. I'm all ears!

(iv) This was added as an after thought, but we have an HP 3000
        as well. How can we network that to the configuration above?

If I need to be specific please let me know I can supply details.
If this needs to be included in other groups, do modify the newsgroup header.
All advice appreciated.

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