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Juha Hein{nen (mcvax!enea!tut!
28 Mar 88 05:36:51 GMT

In article <In article <8803261505.AA04812@wb6rqn.UUCP> In article <8803261505.AA04812@wb6rqn.UUCP> brian@wb6rqn.UUCP (Brian Lloyd) writes:
>European attendees. The consensus was that OSI really wasn't happening
>and that they were all planning to go the TCP/IP route. I guess that
>the ISO/OSI hard-sell has created a market that only TCP can currently

Pretty much a correct observation. The POLITICAL plan is to go the
connection oriented (X.25) OSI route that doesn't care about local
area networks (it only cares about the profits of PTT monopolies). So
if you want to build a LAN and connect it to another LAN what else
have you got except TCP/IP?

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