World Record (The Other Shoe)

Barry Shein (
Wed, 30 Mar 88 11:30:45 EST


I'm glad to hear this hoax was true, or used to be true etc. I can't
see why it would be a good idea for everyone to pick up a telephone
and dial overseas (for many of us) and bother some hospital about a
message we saw on the net posted to some inappropriate places anyhow.

Yes, hoaxes have taken this form (the "Little Buddy" messages, almost
the exact same story and always overseas [for a lot of us], probably
calculated to make people hesitate to phone and just drop a postcard.)

The point is that skepticism is the appropriate reaction, and posting
such a message to TCP-IP is not (not yours, the original.)

Perhaps now someone *will* find an alligator in the NYC sewers.

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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