Re: World Record (The Other Shoe)

30 Mar 88 02:20:09 PST (Wednesday)

Re: The postcard story

I don't know about the other instances of postcard appeals cited as hoaxes, but
this one was definitely TRUE. I live a few miles from Luton (which, incidently,
a large industrial town and not a "tiny village") and phoned Miss Williams (not
McWilliams) just now. The appeal closed at Christmas, David went on TV to say
that he had enough postcards to get the record and he didn't want anymore.

Please, please, please check your facts before mailing this kind of emotive
stuff. No excuse in this case - a full postal address was given, and there is
such a thing as International Directory Enquiries for getting hold of phone
numbers. I am totally amazed that a "lengthy discussion" could be held about
this and reach a "consensus was that it was probably a hoax" and nobody even
bothered to pick up a telephone!

Come on guys 'n gals, there is a world outside ...

   -- Hugh

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