Re: Rumors about the death of the ARPANET

Rex A. Buddenberg (tetra!
28 Mar 88 23:51:21 GMT

In article <In article <3528@cbmvax.UUCP> In article <3528@cbmvax.UUCP> grr@cbmvax.UUCP (George Robbins) writes:
>In article <670@tetra.NOSC.MIL> > (Rex A. Buddenberg) writes:
>> Looks to me that 500 nodes times 20 km multiplies out to a pretty
>> decent regional backbone -- internet a half dozen of these and you've
>> got the country covered. Why are we fiddling around with ISDN?
>Yes, and who do you have lined up to pay for a little fiber cable
>terminating at your residence? ISDN gives hopes of getting reasonable
>bandwidth almost anywhere a reasonable cost, whereas fiber will
>probably be limited to backbone applications and connecting super
>computer ($$$) centers.
Who do you know who has a 56k trunk in his home now? I was talking
about backbone connectivity (where the fiber is already laid),
not local loop.

By the way, at least some local phone companies are providing local
loop fiber now. They figure it is more cost effective, considering
growth and weather resistance.


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