Re: European interest in TCP

Sun, 27 Mar 88 11:25

OSI is very much happening in Europe. It is true that not all the
'layers' are complete in implementation or definition. But there is
just as much faith in Europe that OSI will deliver as there is faith
in the US that TCP/IP etc will deliver.

Any company that ignores the momentum for OSI in Europe will not
be well placed for an expanding market in the early 90's. Specifically
within UK MOD, UK Other Government Departments, EEC and NATO the
clear policy directive is to procure systems to the OSI standards. This
policy was not undertaken lightly.

Yes TCP/IP is readily available in many products. Yes it is selling.
It is not selling because the buyer knows or cares that its TCP etc.
The buyer is buying a product and facility. The fact that many of
these TCP implementations are local optimisations will restrict their
effective use to local communities. The experience will educate the
buyer to better understand and define his requirement if his needs
are more than local.

John Laws
Distributed Information Systems Div
Malvern UK

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