Re: A network you can trust

Sun, 27 Mar 88 10:53

Speaking as a European who has access and is active in using both X25
nets and Internet -

X25 service within the UK appears to be very satisfactory. That is to say
the 'end-to-end' network service provided by BT on PSS is such that I
really have no memory of corrupted info, slow response etc. It could be
said that I am paying a 'price' for this, but I appear to have no
difficulty in seeing the price for this quality of service as other
than cost effective.

International X25 to Europe again appears very satisfactory. Indeed I
am using that as a means of extending the Internet from RSRE to my
European partners. Again this appears to be cost effective for the
level of our current requirement. Clearly there is a traffic level
at which a leased line is more cost effective - what that level is
with 'operational' traffic is part of the experiment.

I have no direct experience of using X25 to the US (yet) but it is
claimed to be less than satisfactory because it is necessary for BT
to downgrade its facilities to match the lowest common facilities of US X25
service providers. Fastest line speed (I think) is 9.6kb, window of 2,
cant extend packet size.

The Internet works very well when lightly used, but standing here in
Europe working via a satellite path shows that too many of the Internet
solutions are local (CONUS) optimisations. These problems are now
well recognised in the specific attention of individuals eg Van J and
his TCP work, and a number of TF's.

I note with great interest that some folks in BBN and Mitre (who I
have great respect for the many scars they have acquired from years of
front-line work) have some degree of the so called 'European' view.

John Laws
Distibuted Information Systems Div
Malvern UK

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