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Charles L Ditzel (ssc-vax!
26 Mar 88 09:34:38 GMT

In article <In article <208@megalon.UUCP>, In article <208@megalon.UUCP>, digi@megalon.UUCP (Klaus Altenburg) writes:
> My company is also interrested in using workstations (like sun's) for CASE.
> Here in Germany a reasonable sun-server costs about 35.000 - 40.000 DM.
Usually it's the reverse.
> - Is it right, that we need only a unix-machine with a working
> NFS to run diskless sun-workstations ?
I believe their are now versions of NFS that allow diskless Sun's to boot
off of Vaxes and other machines. I could be might still be
pending release. Naturally diskless Suns can boot off of low-end
workstations like the Sun 3/60 (it's slower).

> - is there software to use 386-based systems as workstations for CASE ?
When Sun's 386 machine (see InfoWorld and ComputerWorld) comes out the answer
is yes. Look at Sun's NSE package (it works with CADRE, Interleaf etc)

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