ReChoosing gateways

Frank Kastenholz (KASTEN@MITVMA.MIT.EDU)
Thu, 24 Mar 88 19:07:39 EST

A question....

Suppose a host is connected to a network which has two gateways on
it (G1 and G2) both of which have valid paths to some destination
network (the "cost" of those paths is irrelevant).

The host is using G1 to communicate with a host on the destination
network and G1 dies with no warning (e.g. the power supply blows up) so
that G1 can not send any kind of "I'm Dying" message (This death is NOT an
overload due to too many packets that can be fixed with a ICMP Source Quench
or Redirect).

Are there any rules/guidelines/standards/... as to how the host can "find"

Thanks In Advance
Frank Kastenholz
Atex Inc.

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