Some Internet gateway performance data

Wed, 23 Mar 88 23:36:06 EST


You might be interested in the following summary of data on NSFNET Backbone
Fuzzball performance, as well as a comparison with the ARPANET/MILNET
gateways, which operate in a similar state of massive traffic insult. These
data update those reported in the SIGCOMM 87 paper and include the period
since the source-quench policy described previously (and in a paper just
submitted) was implemented.

In July 1987 after the Fuzzball selective-preemption policy was installed, but
before the source-quench policy was implemented, the throughput per trunk
ranged from 0.3 to 4.0 packets per second, with a mean of 2.0. At that time
the total trunk throughput was 31 pps with drop rate due all causes of .09
percent. In March 1988, several months after quench was installed, the trunk
throughput ranges from 2.6 to 9.2 packets per second, with a mean of 4.7. At
this time the total trunk throughput is 71 pps with drop rate 0.48 percent and
with 0.27 percent of all trunk packets resulting in a quench.

The following table shows the performance of the NSFNET Backbone Fuzzballs for
periods ending on 21 March. These numbers include Ethernets as well as all

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