Jon Peha (
Wed, 23 Mar 88 17:13:11 PST

I note in the RFC's that TCP and IP have three bits reserved
for precedence, but UDP does not. I have a number of questions
about this. The obvious place to start: is precedence really implemented?

I can see many obvious fairness problems. One user could
effectively shut out other users until their TCP connections
start timing out. If they are allowed to, every one will
want to send high precedence packets. How are these problems

Why doesn't UDP hace precedence as well?

My questions arise from a desire to send packets over a token
ring. The 802.5 spec allows packets to have different priorities,
but I can't figure out how you would use this feature with
the TCP suite. Has any one out there ever done this? This particular
application is voice, so I want a connectionaless transport (UDP).

Jon Peha

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