Re: A network you can trust

David Cheriton (
Wed, 23 Mar 88 14:52:42 PST

There's a major difference between the offloading my group is working on now
and what was done in the ARPAnet days, namely: Our protocol processor
implements a reliable transport (process-to-process) service whereas
the ARPAnet did/does reliable host-to-host communication. There is
a fundamental flaw in trying to put multiplexing on top of a reliable
communication layer because of its interaction with flow control and
error control. Anyone who puts a host-to-host reliable protocol in
a separate comm. processor has indeed gone a full circle and deserves
all the 1970's problems that will ensue. However, because TCP and TP 4
and VMTP are all proces-to-process, I think we are likely to see "the right
thing being used in the right way" as opposed to "the wrong way",
which is a significant step forward.
David Cheriton

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